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Kreation Studio : Web Designing | Graphics | Search Engine Optimization SEO | Animation and Web Hosting
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SEO Training Mumbai

About Kreation Studio


SEO Training

Why SEO Training?

Benefits of Training

Objectives of Training

Course Content

About KreationStudio


SEO Training is pioneer SEO service provider. Believing in "Education is the only wealth that gets more valuable on distribution", KreationStudio provides SEO training.

Why SEO Training?

With search algorithm getting more and more sophesticated, need of seasoned "SEO Analyst" is felt by everyone. That is the main reason KreationStudio decided to start a training course on SEO.

Benefits of Training

Based upon types of participants, you will be able to do achieve following....

Job Seekers: Securing job with good salary in reputed multinational companies;

Students: Fund education expenses on your own by working part time;

Business Owners: Generate more revenues, get more clients for your business;

House Wife: Work at home as freelancer, take projects and make money from home working at comfortable time;

Everyone: You will be able to earn $200 to $1000 a month after completing SEO training. At the end of the training you will be confident to make money in more than 10 methods.

Objectives of Training

Objectives of training is to train candidates to excel in profitable industry of internet marketing.


Course Content

There is no basic or advanced cources. We have only one course and you will learn everything about SEO be it basic or advanced.

Introduction to SEO: Basic about search engines, SEO glossary, How SEO can help;

About Website and Web Hosting, Website designing

Basic HTML: Designing pages with basic HTML;

Tools: to perform case studies, research and analysis;

Black Hat SEO: practices to avoid;

On Page Optimization;

Off page Optimization;

Content Creation;

Content Marketing;

Introduction to top five CMS systems;

Google Updates;

Adsense, affiliate, blogging, amazon, ebay;

Preparation for Job Interview;

Preparing Resume for Job Application;

About KreationStudio

KreationStudio has been in Internet marketing field for past 9 years. So far, hundreds of clients have been served by us. SEO experts at KreationStudio have helped small business owners to transform into large enterprizes with the help of SEO.

Now YOU will be able to do the same by getting trained by same experts.


About Internet Marketing

With inception of Internet, access to information and sharing that information have taken big leap. Discovery of Internet changed everything e.g. the way we communicate, broadcasting, world became smaller etc. One can say Internet created second world called Vurtual World. Marketing could not remain immune from this change. And there is new form of marketing known as Internet Marketing. Although traditional marketing methods remain influential, Internet Marketing is cheaper with equivalent outcome.

Internet Marketing and SEO

Year of 1995 and 1998 marked as significant when Yahoo Search and Google Search came into scene respectively. These two search engines paved the way for SEO to play major role in overall Internet Marketing efforts. SEO, abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, is the process to develop a Website in such as way that search engines include the website in their search index, needless to say above other websites in same industry, for keyword that best describe the theme of Website.

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Gold Package

Live Support !

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What Clients Say About Kreation Studio Design Tip of the Day

"As a small business owner I consider myself fortunate to have found Kreation Studio. Anand and his staff are consistently available and responsive to my requests. Oh, let's not forget their high quality services for reasonable rates! "
Mr. Roy Ferreira, MD - Cristal Printers | Read more >>

"excellent customer service (is) the ability of an organization to constantly and consistently exceed the customer's expectations."
Mr. Sanjay, Marketing Head - Zenworth Industries (UK) Ltd,
|

How a Search Engine Works
The best place to begin before optimizing your site is to try and understand a little of how a search engine spider works. read more  

Make your first impression count!
In designing your website, the most important impression you need to make is your first one. To be more specific, you must make this good impression in the top 400 or so pixels of your page. read more
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Kreation Studio offers Web Designing Mumbai, Graphic Designing and Animation Mumbai, SEO Seacrh Engine Optimization Mumbai, Cheap Web Hosting Mumbai